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The wireless fan Operating instruction
The motor
*The motor is made of hall permanent magnet three-phase outer rotor brushless dc motor.
The control system
*Add or subtract one file each
*2-bit digital tube (5 gears)
*Low noise Speed ​​stability Low power a Three buttons on / off
*5 indicator lights 1 is power on lamp 4 battery power indicator light Low voltage Environmental safety
Product configuration
*Lithium battery-3-series two parallel 18650 (model) 6 per 2200MA / H The 12v battery output
*Note: overcharge and overdischarge short-circuit high temperature protection (battery protection)
The adapter
*Isolated current 12V1A (external)
The USB output
*Output 5V / 1A with mobile phones and other devices Pv is 12V (2A) which can be used in the field and without electricity
*Fast charging port
*USB jack for easy outdoor cell phone charging
The machine features
*The duration is eight5-24 hours
Power management function
*When turned off, the low-power sleep is 20 uA, and the maximum standby time of lithium battery is 6 months
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